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Pollok Park Trail Race – runners brief

Here we are with another short notice event. With permission only received last Friday, It has been a whirlwind getting this together in time for you to enjoy tomorrow. Thank you so much for signing up. Without runners, all our efforts are pointless.

Race registration

The race registration and start are on the Corkerhill Road side of Pollok Park. This is beyond the M77. Some of you may not have been to this part of the park before. It is a bout 1.5km from Pollok House. Please bear this in mind when getting to registration and the start.

Google map –

What Three Words – ///bucked.dame.cheese

The other major factor to consider is that there are no cars allowed in the park at weekends. If travelling via car, please look for alternative car parking provision. Please plan ahead. Please don’t annoy the locals. Please be considerate.

The nearest train station to the start line is Corkerhill. Unfortunately there is no Sunday service at this station. Therefore we recommend Pollokshaws West. The park is served by multiple bus routes. Check Traveline or Google for details.

Event registration closes at 9.15. Please don’t be late, registrations marshals will be redeployed to other duties.

Race start

The race will start tomorrow in three waves. This is no longer part of the Scottish Athletics regulations for Level 0, but is part of our risk assessment signed off by Glasgow City Council.

Wave details are attached here. There will not be a huge gap between waves.

Wave 1 will be JAPES at 9.25am

Wave 2 will start at 9.30am

Wave 3 will start at 9.35am


The route, it has to be said, is fantastic. You may have raced in Pollok Park before. There’s plenty others – Brian Goodwin, Bella Belter and Pollok parkrun just for starters. However, you will never have raced a route like this. The closest you will get is our own South By Five.

Starting near the Corkerhill entrance, the route starts on grass and heads uphill (yasssss) crossing over the M77. Down the hill towards the river, and round the grass-side of the Outlander field. Popping out onto the road at the Pollok House carpark, round the side of the house and up the grassy slope. Should be fun if it rains. Down the, hopefully, muddy slop and into the glade.

Parting the summer overhang, and up the tree root gnarled hill into the North Wood. Traversing towards Burrell, picking up the brand new white path. A slight diversion due to some filming takes us onto the wide open Burrell meadow.

A wee tarmac stretch before the long straight lime tree avenue, hard left following the pitches round. Add another left and we’re heading for the wooden bridge. Another grassy meadow, see us pick up part of the parkrun route, before a sudden diversion into the undergrowth. We pop out at the gatehouse, and turn onto the rhododendron trail. We promise some mud here!

Follow this back to the glade, and back over the hill to Pollok House, and a push back on the outward route to the finish line.

It’s great. Multiple types of terrain, multiple types of fun!

Save your swear words for the race director at the finish line. We’re sure there will be some curses on the way round! In the interim, smile, say “thanks” and give the volunteer team your best gratitude on the way round. Without them, there would be no race.

GPX file link

Race results

Results will be manually timed, therefore please be patience. Likely to be on the website same day, but we do have a course to deconstruct first. All the marking that will help you not get lost will be required to be uplifted again.

Race signage

Leading nicely on…. The course will be marked in multiple ways.

First and foremost, you will have our amazing hi-viz heroes to guide you along at the main  intersections. Don’t forget these folks have given up their morning to facilitate your run.

Interspersed between the marshals will be mix of hi-viz signage – the type that road runners will be used to. Also there will be small flags and spray paint (temp and eco friendly). This is likely to be more familiar to trail, hill and ultra runners. Will be great if we all look after each other. A wee shout, if necessary to put someone back on track is the sort of runner we should all aspire to be.

Race finish

Please clear through the finish area as quick as you can. There will be a snack and water available. Congregating at the finish is not allowed. Please disperse. Our future events depend on the current guidance being observed. Please do not jeopardise this.

Hi-viz heroes

These amazing folks have given up their Sunday morning so you can race. Show them how grateful you are. A smile, a wave, a thumbs up, a wee gasped thanks – all these things are appreciated by these people. Without them there is no event.

Abuse of any marshal will not be tolerated. The hi-viz heroes have the full backing and authority of the race director.

First Aid

First Aid will be available from trained staff. Minor bumps and grazes can be fixed by some marshals on the route. A fully qualified medic will be availablel.


In line with the approved risk assessment water is not available on the route. Water will be available at the finish. The forecast is quite warm. Please bear this in mind and consider bringing your own as well.

Bag drop

A bag drop will be available at the finish/start. It’s not a huge thing. Don’t bring a massive bag. All gear is left at owners’ risk.

Event Merch

This is custom made to order. Given the short timescales we had from permission received to raceday, it isn’t possible to have this available on race day.

Merchandise will be sent to your home address. Medals and apparel are different suppliers so will arrive separately.


Lastly, and once again thank yu for entering an Acorn Trails event. We hope you have a pleasant journey and enjoy your stay in Pollok Park. We look forward to welcoming you back for a future Acorn Trails event.