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The Cancelled One! – Bellahouston Park


This phoenix didn’t rise from the flames. We rose from the ice and freezing temperatures of the scheduled Bellahouston date, to run on another perfect running morning.

We made every effort to ensure this race went ahead this time (not that we don’t usually 😏). With time running out on the series, there was no scope to squeeze it into any other date.

We were out on Saturday evening with the newly christened “Fraz” – a borrowed grit machine, who was then adopted and brothered to our gazebo, Gaz! (Speak to Michelle for details on naming!)

Then again on Sunday, Brian and Alex headed out to patch up the route with some additional grit. This resulted in a useable course!

We were good to go!

Race 5

Regulars know this is not really a traditional Acorn Trails race. It’s tarmac. It’s a hangover to when the series was created before we were a trail running organiser.

However for what it lacks in mud and trails, it makes up in elevation.

The comments on Strava and other social media are all about “those steps” and “that hill”.

The course is currently under review for next year. We’re looking to make it more multi-terrain. Might add the stairs in twice instead of once and find some dirt 😝

Ayr Seaforth’s, Laura Wallace votes for more stairs!

Bella ’24

Marshals froze, and runners got chilly, everyone eager for the off.

It’s a fantastic stampede startline, slightly uphill and makes for great photos! This one from the latest to join our paparazzi pack, Brian.

It’s a route with some tough wee climbs – the above referenced steps and hill – but the downhills offer the perfect gradient to recoup the energy and maximise the returns.

Background: Garscube’s John Murray enjoying his brief moment in front of club mate Craig Brown!

Series leader, Cameron Muir, clearly enjoys those downhills. Almost catching the marshals off guard as he sped up that hill to take the last corner and head down the long charge back to the finish. Grant Jeans, as throughout the series, was hot on his hills with the pair of them crossing the line respectively in 16.32 and 16.42.

Mr 4th place at last year’s South By Five, took that extra step; Callum Wallace taking 3rd place in 17.42. Spurred over the line by a timing team of Michelle, and his partner Charlene, shouting hurrying encouragement that he was being caught, despite 4th place runner Mark King being 18 seconds behind!! Think the shine of the podium spot took the edge of his cha-grin! 😏

In the women’s race, race winner Jen Conway crossed the line in a flurry of activity, clocking a finish time of 21.00.

That flurry led to second place Julie Atkinson being congratulated over the line (21.58) as the winner, after a sprint finish saw her pass Janis McArthur (22.04) in the last couple hundred metres.

There’s some nice wee battles hotting up throughout the field as we head into the finale at the weekend in Queens Park.

Race results and standings


Extra thanks for everyone that helped us put this event on a short notice, runners and volunteers alike. Without you all, we have no event!

Hi-viz heroes on duty were: Brian Hughes, Cedric Moreau, Lynn Connor, Louise Kelly, Louise Gray, Jenny Brown, Liz Deans, Rachael Goslan, Laura Lennon πŸ“Έ, Steven Gilligan, John Softley, Clare Taylor, Blythe Lindsey πŸ“Έ, Nick Dowley, Zuzana Rencova, Deirdre Hoyle, Charlene Harris, Paul Fletcher, Callum Wallace, George Wilson πŸ“Έ, Bill Oliver πŸ“Έ, Iain Cochrane πŸ“Έ, Kev Queenan πŸ“Έ, Brian Prout πŸ“Έ, Debbie and Paige.


As we’ve previously mentioned, we’re taking your unwanted Christmas gifts to “ReGift” on our prize table, for some of our amazing prize winners.

Please don’t be buying things specifically for this, just donate stuff that you already have.

Sx5 Awards portal

So those prizes mentioned above needs some winners!

Please head over to out prize portal and cast your votes:

Awards prize form


We’re also compiling a Spotify playlist for the Queens Park finale. This is a collaborative playlist and we encourage you to go on and select a song….one each is plenty please!!

Click the image below to get the link..




Unfortunately we’ve been unable to secure a partner to uplift donated trainers/running kit so we won’t be making a collection at Queens Park. We’re a little disappointed by this too!

Queens Park Finale

And so the count down begins….

The big finale event to the series takes place on Sunday! Yes this Sunday. That delayed Bella event has really confused things.

Registration will be the same as last year at the Wellcroft Bowling Club.

There will be soup and bread afterwards, which maybe just what we all need.

A race brief will be issued prior to the race.

We look forward to seeing you all there. And hopefully Pollok Park Trail RaceΒ