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Running with Romy

A former road runner, Romy has developed a passion for the hills. Romy likes getting to know other runners. Hearing their stories, talking about PBs, races, and why they love to run.

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Staying strong in 2021

Staying strong in 2021 January is a good time for setting goals and a plan for the year ahead – be it entering an event or creating your own adventure. Alongside specific goals in terms of speed or distance, you might want to think about adding some resolutions about weekly mileage, making an effort to run with a friend or family, doing more yoga and stretching – and of course, some strength & conditioning to […]


Goals for 2021??

Setting goals for 2021… why bother? Usually during the Christmas holidays I enter races and make my plan for the year ahead. But given the current situation, I can’t bring myself to enter any events. I just don’t see the point in getting excited about an event for it to be cancelled nearer the time! So what to train for, what goals to set? Should we even bother thinking about goals for 2021? One thing […]


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I am Jim the dog. I joined my forever family in April 2019. Life since then has been full of love and adventures. I love all things mud and running! My other passions include puddles, rivers, streams, beaches, snow, tennis balls and cheese, Enjoy my running tails!

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Jim’s 2020 vision

Woof, it’s been a while!! A new year is a great opportunity to reflect though and I love a chance to reminisce on the good times. That one was a year like no other, the year the family decided to stay home and hang out with me and Cleody. 2020 Bliss! My running year started well. Last year I was bounding around the Bishops Glen in Dunoon with the family. January continued in a similar […]


Lancashire In A Day

Pendle Way In A Day I woke up at Dan’s crib this morning, having had a wee bunk down in Black Betty’s bed. A very comfortable slumber was had. Hope Betty doesn’t mind me stinking it out and leaving half my coat behind in it! Road trip time for some more Lancashire…Whatever the heck that is! So everyone is scrambling around, looking for running gear.. Woohoo!! We hot paw it to the Bash mobile (likely […]


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Auntie Anne

Running is a family past time. Anne used to regale her father with tales of her running exploits, and now shares them to her niece and TRB

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The Sad Demise Of The Small Race Trophy

Hi Coach In the absence of negative feedback, I’m assuming (tacit) permission to treat you as an ‘alternate audience’ when my usual audience (Running Niece) is in the same race at Mabie Forest😊 Mabie 10k Trail Race. 10/06/18 Is there a setting more beautiful but still eminently accessible, than Mabie Forest? This wee race has to be one of the best ever. We’ve entered every year since we started racing…6 years now…and it was the […]


Strathspey Double

Hi Coach One of the amusing things we (Planman and me) realised early in our running ‘career’ is that when normal (not runners) people ask you about your race, they really don’t want any more than ‘it was good, thanks’. Eyes glaze over and interested smiles become fixed and (if you persist) painful when you actually tell them. Nothing like the gritted teeth of a desperate, fixed smile to cure you of sharing the detail, […]


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Ginger guy with a buff. Trails, mud, beer and dog aficionado! Not necessarily in that order

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Pendle Way In A Day Ultra

Pendle Way In A Day. It was some day. There was mud à plenty. Hills and inclines seemed more prevalent the descents and downhills. And wind. Wind, no matter what direction you faced it seemed it was a headwind. A constant companion for the 40-odd miles of the way. Now I say “40-odd”, as this was an event billed as a 42 miler…. Jamie certainly used the artistic license that race directors are granted with […]



Run every day in December, or here in Scotland we call it Marcothon.. I’m not a huge fan of the run every day challenges – but only for me personally. I know I need to factor in some rest days, and refuse to become a ‘Strava Wanker’ (there’s a Facebook group and Twitter feed dedicated to laughing at people!). Being late for the train, walking the dog, chasing the three year old round the park […]


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Guest blogger

Want to write a blog but have no where to publish? Drop us a line

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Toot Suite

Toota-Linn 2024 – report and results We’ve done Toota-Linn before. Not as Acorn Trails, but we rallied Glasgow South Road Runners into creating an event for the, now defunct Tour of Clydeside, for which Alex helped organise alongside it’s mastermind Robert Rogerson. The Kirkintilloch Olympian legend was Alex’s inspiration to stepping into the world of race organiser. Lots to thank him for! The original Toota-Linn in 2019 is marked in Linn Park as part of […]


Toota-Linn race brief 2024

TootaLinn Race Brief When: Friday 21st June, 18.30 Where: Linn park, Glasgow W3W: /// What: Approximately 8km of multi terrain running within Linn Park Registration: Seil Drive entrance to the park. This is at the junction of Old Castle Road, Seil Drive and Linnview Avenue. Registration will be open from 17.30 – 18.15. There will be no entry on the day. Parking/Arriving: There is some parking is local streets pbut please respect the local residents. […]


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