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Five For Fibro

Acorn Trails, in association with More Than Fibro brings you “Five For Fibro”.

A familiar tale in the running events world, the ongoing pandemic interfered with plans for us to bring you an “actual” event. But as far as alternatives go, we think we’ve got a great plan for you.

We’re not going to shy away from the obvious – this event is all about rising money for More Than Fibro. The more folk who participate, the more money we raise to continue the work of this organisation and the hard work Sharon and her team put in.

What is More Than Fibro?

More Than Fibro is an organisation founded in 2020 to support people living with Fibromyalgia and their carers. More Than Fibro hope to achieve charitable status in 2021. To find out more about the work of More Than Fibro, please read more here

What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that affects approximately 2-5 percent of the world’s populations and is most common in young to middle aged women. There is a myriad of symptoms, ranging from muscle and bone soreness, difficulty sleeping, tiredness, stiffness in joints and muscles that can last up to 3 months, headaches and numbness and tingling in the arms or legs.

When are we doing it?

The 12th of May 2021 is World Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. We will be hosting our virtual event that week from 10th-17th May

What are we doing?

We are asking you to complete Five For Fibro. Five what? Well, here is the interesting bit. You decide what the five means.

For those racers – Acorn Trails is after all a running events company – we have the “Fast” Five. This is a five-kilometre blast. Pick your route, maybe a local parkrun route, pick your date – between 10th and 17th May, and go give it a blast.

Times for the “Fast” Five will be collated onto a leaderboard and prizes awarded. Please no hopping on your bike or jumping in the car to set a time!

We appreciate racing is not for everyone. Some folk don’t want to have their name on leader boards, some aren’t ready to race 5km – some never will be. Racing or running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

So we’re offering the “Friendly” Five – that’s not to say those doing the “Fast” Five are not friendly!

The “Friendly” Five allows you to take part in Five For Fibro, and lets you stay in control. Choose your “Five”. Maybe walk 5k, or bike 5miles! Take a wander in the park with 4 pals (if and when allowed). Do 5 laps of your garden, 5 times up and down the staircase, walk the dog 5 times in a week. We are not all super fit and super-able. As we say you choose your five – use your imagination, we are sure you can come up with some great variations. Keep it clean – this is a family friendly event!

If you wish to just buy event merchandise please select the relevant “event” on the Entry Central page:


What’s the cost?

Well of course it’s a fiver! 50% of the entry fee will be donated to More Than Fibro

On sign-up there is additional options to add to your entry. We offer a buff-style face covering, an event tshirt, a medal, a planted tree in the Scottish Highlands, and the option to increase your donation to More Than Fibro. These are all optional of course, and come with an additional cost.

What next?

Head over to our event entry partners, EntryCentral and sign up. It’s a pretty straight forward process with a well tried and tested system.

Once signed up, wait until the week of the event on May 10th, and complete your “Five”, then email us some details to,

This can be details from Garmin/Strava etc of your run, a photo on your walk, you and the dog out enjoying yourself etc. Let’s see some photos – we want to see you guys enjoying yourself!