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We put on races because we love all things running. Especially trail running.  We love the whole process from crazy idea pinging into Alex’s head while running (the source of most of his brainwaves!) to developing that wee seed and nurturing it into an actual event.  So much work goes into the process but seeing your happy wee, sweaty, usually muddy, faces coming over that finish line makes it all worthwhile.  Knowing that you have enjoyed something that we have created makes us feel all gooey inside.


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Rather than making huge profits on our events we prefer to support other people and groups with a similar ethos to our own.  Every event that we put on as part of TRB saw large donations made to our chosen charities and good causes.  We try to choose, smaller charities who really do benefit from our help.  Our most notable fundraising so far has been for Pyjama Fairies as part of the Virtual Clyde Stride last year; the Beech Tree Inn from the popular Beech Tree and Back; and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Family Support Trust, where donations came from the Virtual Dick Wedlock. Huge sums were raised as well as very happy faces. There’s that gooey feeling again!

Beech Tree And Back

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We will always support a charity or good cause at every event we put on.  It’s who we are and what we stand for.

We want to use Acorn Trails to make our world a better place. We are unlikely to take on the whole world but you never know, ‘mighty oaks tress from little acorns grow’!

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