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Plogging is a combination of two words: jogging and Swedish phrase for pick up, ‘plocka upp’. Started in Sweden by Erik Ahlström in 2016, plogging is an eco-friendly exercise through which people pick up rubbish while jogging or brisk walking as a way to clean up litter and also take care of their health.

Way With Words

The Swedes have a wonderful way with words!

Now, we aren’t suggesting that you pick up random litter mid-race. Just don’t drop any. Our High Viz Heroes do have the power to disqualify you if you do.  Just shove it in your pocket or put it in a bin. Simples!

At Acorn Trails we love and appreciate the natural world. It is our playground, if we look after it we can keep it that way.  We spend a lot of time seeking out the best routes in the best locations and we want to make sure that we leave them as beautiful as we found them, or maybe even more so!

Acorn Plogging

Before every race we will organise a Plogging event. A great way to meet the team and get a sneaky peek of the route!

In our local area each park has a “Friends of” group. These guys use their own time to look after our parks.  They are brilliant. No one knows their parks like they do. We are proud to have joined forces with them and we will continue to support them, both by volunteering and by raising funds to help them achieve their goals.

Friends of Linn Park

Minimal signage is our aim when course marking.  Our High Vis Heroes are there to guide and cheer you round the course.  Signs we do use will be collected and counted before we leave the site though.  The race team will sweep the whole route to ensure nothing is left behind.

You don’t need us going all David Attenborough on you, surely by now we all know the impact that rubbish has on the environment.  We just want to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

We can all do our bit.


How else do We Care?