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Clyde Stride Reviews

The Clyde Stride Ultra Marathon over the years has attracted a bit of a cult following amongst the Scottish Ultra dafties. As well as the dafties that make this event the one we all know and love, the race has also attracted some of the best names in the Scottish scene, including the likes of James Stewart and Lucy Colquhuon, the two current course record holders. Other familiar names include Donine Campbell, Marco Consani,  Noanie Heffron, Angela Reid and Debbie Martin-Consani.

You can check all their results here

It is not all about the big names, the winners, the numbers, and the times. There is plenty fun and enjoyment to be had in running an ultra right the way from front to back of the pack. Many a runner has written a blog, diary or race report on their experiences. We’ve found a few scattered across the internet and placed their links below. There may be many others out there that are equally as good as these (happy to include them here if anyone send us a link) and these are listed in no particular order!

Cameron Scott 2010

Maryhill Harriers 2018
David Hope (Edinburgh) 2015
Stuart McDade (Motherwell) Daily record 2010
James Stewart 2013
Greg Beveridge 2017
Grant MacDonald 2011
David Simpson 2012
Les Hill 2016
Robert Soutar 2010