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An intro-dog-ion…. to Jim

Here I Am…

Hi there, Jim the Dog here… Well, I’m working on a few pen names at the moment. Blogger Jim! Doggy bloggy? Blog dog? Jim the blogger jogger dogger.. (whoops!) OK, I’ll work on my official title, for now I’ll get on with my scripts..

So when I came to live in the city with my new family I knew nothing of city life. I was a young gun with two human acquaintances and a neighbour dog who stopped by from time to time. Mostly I chatted to horses and pottered about on the farm. My exercise regime consisted of a wee wander between my kennel and the stable now and again. I was looked after, but I was underweight because I never built up much of an appetite, and because I didn’t eat much I didn’t have much energy. Looking back I was in a bit of a rut.

A Fine Day

One fine day in April that all changed though. A metallic beige carriage came bumbling down the farm track and brought me three of the finest humans I’ve ever met (obviously I didn’t know this at the time but the vibes were good even then).

I was shy but I gave them a good sniff. The man tickled my ears and rubbed my belly, the mini human sat down beside me and stroked my head and the lady told me I had wise eyebrows. A fine example of the breed they were. So it was agreed that they would be my new family and we all hopped into their trusty steed and headed for my new home.

Not sure what I was expecting, to be honest I had no idea what was going on but the new family sounded kind and smelled nice so I followed them into their city stable.

This was the first time I met Cleod, shes some cat! The cats on the farm were not my friends and my nose was covered in scratches from their claw work. But this girl was different. We sniffed each other, she suggested I needed a bath.. And then she walked off calmly and let me settle in.. And didn’t scratch me or hiss at me. This is alright thinks I!

Ā Nervous about the cat. Scars from previous cats on my snout

I’ve never lived indoors, this was new, oh and warm, and comfortable, it was all very strange but I liked it already.

Park life

The next day was wild!! Dad took me for a walk in the park and there are dogs everywhere!! Every shape, colour, breed you can imagine, all trotting about having a great old time. What’s all this?! I thought it was just me and neighbour guy!! Nope, it seems there are others, many others. And I want to meet them all!!

So for the following weeks, probably months I was a lean mean sniffing machine!! I was on a one dog quest to sniff every dog bum in town, think I just about managed it too. In this time I also learned some valuable lessons in socialisation. I didn’t have much to go on, but when you’re nostril deep in unfriendly dog behind you soon pick up the signals to back the heck out!

Throughout my bum sniffing career the family were continually throwing things around me, balls, sticks, frizbees.. Must be some nutty human game called ‘Get it Jim’ I think.

I was a Jim on a mish though, no time to get involved in this human wizardry, dogs to meet, bums to sniff!

Get it Jim

One day though, many weeks after setting off on my voyage of discovery, it seemed like I’d gathered all the information I was going to. My nostrils were temporarily full and I felt it was time for a change. I had also observed that when other humans played ‘Get it Jim’ with their dogs, there was a bit of chasing and retrieving going on! OK, let’s try it.

So the next time they launched the ball into nowhere I chased it, I apprehended the perp and brought it back!! The humans were beside themselves!! It seems they enjoy it when I join in their games. And by jings what a buzz, the chase, the capture, the retrieval!! I am hooked. What a joy. Keeps my humans happy too!

So this was the start of my regular intensive exercise. There was no stopping me once I got going and by heck my appetite had improved. People in the street commented on how much healthier I looked and the vet was impressed too. I am stronger and musclier than I have ever been.

Born to run

So a few months after I moved in, my new mum and dad took me running.. Holy guacamole batman, I thought fetching was a buzz!!

On that fine day I thought we were going for a nice walk, which was fine by me, everything is still new to me and so different from farm life. But no, those two took off like a couple of frizbees and told me to come too!.. Yaaaaaaasssss!!!! It was awesome. We didn’t go far but I love, love, loved it!

Since then I’ve been on many an epic adventure. Running in the wilds of Scotland with my family and friends blows my mind every time!!! I love it, I am runner Jim.. I’ve got Strava to prove it (I hear it doesn’t count otherwise) And now im going to keep you updated on all my adventures too….


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First published on The Run Bible 21/06/19