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Sketching, Running and Raising Money for Shelter

Sketching, Running and Raising Money for Shelter

I took part in my first Marcothon in 2020. I’ve run for over 10 years now, but spent a large part of the last two years with a string of foot injuries. I had stopped running completely when lockdown struck, but being cooped up with my husband and three sons sent me running out the door again. Since a podiatrist recommended HOKAs in July I’ve been running the trails again with my dogs, so decided to give myself a challenge.

As an artist and printmaker, my work is heavily influenced by my surroundings. I like to go out and sketch as often as possible, and these sketches often find their way into my work. During the first lockdown I completed a 40 day sketch challenge, where I used my hour to get out and on my bike or on foot and do a quick sketch. During the Marcothon I didn’t want to stop for 10 minutes to draw, so I decided to sketch from memory. I tried to remember something significant about the run – it could be anything from a couple of starlings telling me off, to icy puddles or a spectacular pink sky. It really changed the focus of my run – I wasn’t thinking about how tired or slow I was and I stopped listening to music on my phone. I really paid attention.

Marcothon Community


Having posted these daily sketches to the very active and encouraging Marcothon Facebook group, I got loads of lovely feedback. I decided to turn some of the sketches into postcards to sell for charity.

I selected ten sketches to turn into postcards, and set up a pre-order page on my website. All profits when postage, printing and Paypal fees are subtracted will go to Shelter. So far, thanks to the amazing Marcothon community, I’ve sold 100 packs, which means around £1000 raised.

Have a flick through the Marcothon sketch book by Wee Blue Press here or find out more on her website

To get your pack of postcards click the link below

Pre-order page