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Linn Park CTR – race brief

Thank you for entering the Linn Park Centenary Trail Race.  We are so delighted bring this race back to you after last year’s absence.


Please ensure you are on time to register

Registration is open from 8.30 until 9.15

For those hi-tech folk, the What3Words address for the start is……..///making.royal.magic

The Google map on this link shows you the main features of the event.

There is three good parking spots around the park. The car park off Netherlee Road is the closest to registration. Another car park at the golf club is a short walk through the park to the start area. There is also ample space to park along Lainshaw Drive near the cemetery and crematorium. Please do not park outside the houses on this road. We have advised the residents there that the event will not impact them. Please ensure it does not.

There is no parking available in the park. Please do no drive past the golf club. Access to the park is for residents, the stables and authorised users. We do not have permission for participants to have their cars in the park. Please do not jeopardise future events by ignoring this.


Prior to the race, there will be a short brief near to the registration area. Runners will then make their way to the start line.

Race will start at 9.30am.

Trail trainers are highly recommended.  It hasn’t stopped raining for weeks. It’s wet, muddy and slippery. Make sure the laces are well tied!

We wanted to tell you a little bit about the route though. There’s quite a bit of info but there’s so much to share. Get your feet up, rest those legs and enjoy!


Download the GPX file.

It is a “two lap” route. Lap 1 is about 9.4km. Lap 2 is about 600m, So don’t overly concerned when you cross the start line again, your not doing the whole experience again!

The route is designed to give you the best race experience we can offer! We’ll be showcasing Linn Park, taking in some of the Centenary Trail and celebrating the work that the Friends of Linn Park (FoLP) continue to do to improve the park.

Starting at the bottom of the meadow at the Halfpenny Bridge aka White Bridge, we’ll head up past the front of the stable and up onto the Wildlife Trail. This was created by FoLP with help from Kings Park Secondary, Netherlee and Merrylee Primary schools, and funded by Paths For All and FoLP.

Turning left, we head up the wildflower meadow and past the wildlife pond created as a haven for newts, frogs and toads by FoLP. Down the zigzags, please stick to the path, no taking shortcuts! The path was created to reduce footpath erosion. Let’s not become part of the problem!

Hitting the road for a wee stretch, you’ll be angled onto the path and through the Low Wood. Avoiding the landslip detour, you’ll twist and turn through the narrow trails and reach the main path.

Here we pick up the Centenary Trail. Installed to mark 100 years since Linn Park was formally opened on 2nd July 1921. Along the river bank and across the old tennis court of the mansion house, now hard to discern. The Centenary Trail finishes under the remains of Cathcart Castle, giving you a wee climb up the hill. You’ll love this!

Here we get onto the dirt again. Strava segment ‘The Dirty Back Passage’ done in reverse! Careful work has been done through this section by FoLP to encourage butterflies, with a recent sighting of rare breeds.

The trail brings us out at the golf club. Slight road crossing here. Behave. Listen to the marshals. The hi-viz heroes are in charge and have the full authority of the race director. Follow their instructions.

Up the path, and around to the left – NOT up to the trig point this year.

Down through the narrow wood path and back onto the meadow – (smile you’re on camera again), and into the Top Wood trail excursion. Here we’ll head out of Linn Park for a wee sojourn into Castlemilk Woodlands and Netherton Braes. Again, there’s a road crossing here.  If the marshal tells you not to cross. DO NOT CROSS. We can stop runners but not traffic.

Water station here. To avoid congestion this will be offered to runners on the return leg. Water will be provided in 7oz recyclable and compostable cups. Please leave your used cup at the water station for recycling.

So onwards into the woods. You’re going to love this bit! A wee twisty climb (keep right, two-way traffic) and tree roots take you onto what I call the ‘Hobbit track’ – it reminds me of Lord of the Rings. Book not film. For me one of the highlights of the route. Make sure you have your shoe laces tied tightly!

Down the hill behind the cemetery, careful as you career down the grassy slope, there’s a left turn and drop to the right which will have the faster runners flailing arms to stay on the track.

Follow the well defined trail through the woods. Careful of deer cutting across the path! A steady down hill will bring you out at the ‘bailey bridge’, left a short path past the gas workings and the weir and onto a steep incline. Trees are available for extra grip! Upwards. Enjoy.

The next section through the woods is occasionally used by mountain bikes. Beware. Signage will be in place to warn them you’re there.

Back to the wee bridge and some two way traffic – a necessary tweak to avoid large amounts of fly tipping 🙁

Back into Linn Park, and back up the hill into the Top Wood. Left at the top, exiting the woodland and keeping hard left along the hedge line. Through the gap and along to the river/roots/mud. A lovely riverside section brings you back to the White Bridge, where you can see the finish line.

BUT….you’re not finished yet! Back across the start line to begin “lap 2”, which in reality is a 600m loop taking in the second section of the FoLP Wildlife Trail round the back of the stables, then headlong down the meadow to the finish line. Beware the occasional pot hole on the meadow.

There is several plank bridges on the route, which can be slippery when wet (great album!). Please take care when crossing these.

Roughly 10km. Roughly 260m ascent. Roughly easy!

Finish Line

Upon crossing the line, you will be offered a snack, fruit and water.

Feel free to linger and cheer other runners over the line.

The race will be manually timed, results will be ready as soon as possible. Asking doesn’t make them appear any faster!

Hi-viz heroes

These amazing folks have given up their Sunday morning so you can race. Show them how grateful you are. A smile, a wave, a thumbs up, a wee gasped thanks – all these things are appreciated by these people. Without them there is no event.

Abuse of any marshal will not be tolerated. The hi-viz heroes have the full backing and authority of the race director.

First Aid

First Aid will be available from trained staff. Minor bumps and grazes can be fixed by some marshals on the route. A fully qualified medic will be available at race control.


As mentioned a water station is on the route at approx 5km. This an out and back section but to avoid congestion water will only be offered on the return leg.

Bag drop

A bag drop will be available at the finish/start. It’s not a huge thing. Don’t bring a massive bag. All gear is left at owners risk.


Thank you all for your donations, over £500 for Friends of Linn Park and Cats Protection.

We hope you all have a great time, and look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.


#ReShoes is back!
Having successfully donated hundreds of pairs of running shoes to be reused since forming Acorn Trails, we glad to return to Linn Park Trail Race with ReShoes.
Having struggled during the most recent #SouthByFive to find a partner to take our donations, we’ve teamed up with @shoesharemalawi
Organised by Clydestride record holder, Lucy Colquhoun, ShoeShareMalawi work with the Tafika Sports Academy in Malawi. Tafika is a community initiative focused on youth development, sustainability and behaviour change.
We’re collecting:
*Road or trails shoes, football boots, sports trainers (tied together)
*Shoe size 4 and up
*Men’s and women’s
*Reasonable quality, suitable for training and competing (soles intact, no large holes)
Bring them along to registration on Sunday!
Any questions, ping a message via email or Facebook Messenger.

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